What are the important events that happened on April 18? Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day.

April 18: Facts & Myths About This Day

April 18 is the 108th day of the year 2017 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 257 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Tuesday.

Under the Julian calendar, this day is April 5, 2017 – a Tuesday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

When this day started, 24,874,560 minutes has elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970 – the Unix epoch.

Strange as it may, if we name this day after a polygon then it will be called ‘hectaoctagon’ day.

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Aries is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Diamond is the modern birthstone for this month. Opal is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, there are 307 days remaining before the start of the next Chinese New Year.

The ancient Maya civilization believes that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012. There are now 1,579 days since this fabled cataclysmic event.

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April 18 Historical Events

  • 1518
    Bona Sforza is crowned as queen consort of Poland.
  • 1848
    American victory at the battle of Cerro Gordo opens the way for invasion of Mexico.
  • 1880
    An F4 tornado strikes Marshfield, Missouri, killing 99 people and injuring 100.
  • 1902
    Quetzaltenango, the second largest city of Guatemala, is destroyed by an earthquake.
  • 1912
    The Cunard liner RMS Carpathia brings 705 survivors from the RMS Titanic to New York City.
  • 1930
    BBC Radio announces that there is no news on that day.
  • 1943
    World War II: Operation Vengeance, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is killed when his aircraft is shot down by U.S. fighters over Bougainville Island.
  • 1946
    The International Court of Justice holds its inaugural meeting in The Hague, Netherlands.
  • 1955
    29 nations meet at Bandung, Indonesia, for the first Asian-African Conference.
  • 2007
    The Supreme Court of the United States upholds the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act in a 5-4 decision.

Who were born on April 18?

  • 1771
    Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Austrian field marshal (d. 1820)
  • 1864
    Richard Harding Davis, American author (d. 1916)
  • 1880
    Sam Crawford, baseball player (d. 1968)
  • 1911
    Maurice Goldhaber, Austrian-born American physicist
  • 1940
    Joseph L. Goldstein, American scientist, Nobel laureate
  • 1970
    Saad Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon
  • 1970
    Tatiana Stefanidou, Greek television host
  • 1974
    Edgar Wright, British director
  • 1977
    Cindy Taylor, Paraguayan supermodel and actress
  • 1983
    Fodil Hadjadj, Algerian footballer

Who died on April 18?

  • 1161
    Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 1732
    Louis Feuillée, French explorer (b. 1660)
  • 1906
    Luis Martín, Spanish Superior-General of the Society of Jesus (b. 1846)
  • 1942
    Aleksander Mitt, Estonian speed skater (b. 1903)
  • 1947
    Jozef Tiso, Slovakian leader (b. 1887), Nazi collaborator and puppet ruler
  • 1951
    António Óscar Carmona, 97th Prime Minister of Portugal and 11th President of Portugal (b. 1869)
  • 1976
    Mahmoud Younis, Suez Canal nationalization engineer (b. 1911)
  • 1993
    Masahiko Kimura, Japanese judoka (b. 1917)
  • 1996
    Bernard Edwards, American record producer (b. 1952)
  • 2007
    Iccho Itoh, mayor of Nagasaki (b. 1945)

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