What are the important events that happened on December 30? Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day.

December 30: Facts & Myths About This Day

December 30 is the 365th day of the year 2016 in the Gregorian calendar. There is one day remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Friday.

Under the Julian calendar, this day is December 17, 2016 – a Friday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

When this day started, 411,960 hours has elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970 – the Unix epoch.

Strange as it may, if we name this day after a polygon then it will be called ‘trihectahexacontapentagon’ day.

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Capricorn is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Turquoise is the modern birthstone for this month. Onyx is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, there are 29 days remaining before the start of the next Chinese New Year.

The ancient Maya civilization believes that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012. There are now 1,470 days since this fabled cataclysmic event.

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December 30 Historical Events

  • 1896
    Filipino patriot and reform advocate José Rizal is executed by a Spanish firing squad in Manila, Philippines.
  • 1906
    The All India Muslim League is founded in Dacca, East Bengal, British India Empire, which later laid down the foundations of Pakistan.
  • 1919
    Lincoln’s Inn in London admits its first female bar student.
  • 1922
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is formed.
  • 1947
    King Michael of Romania is forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union-backed Communist government of Romania.
  • 1977
    For the second time, Ted Bundy escapes from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
  • 1993
    Israel and Vatican City establish diplomatic relations.
  • 1996
    In the Indian state of Assam, a passenger train is bombed by Bodo separatists, killing 26.
  • 1996
    Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel.
  • 1997
    In the worst incident in Algeria’s insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people from four villages are killed.

Who were born on December 30?

  • 1853
    André Messager, French composer (d. 1929)
  • 1939
    Felix Pappalardi, American musician and recording producer (Mountain) (d. 1983)
  • 1942
    Vladimir Bukovsky, Russian author and dissident
  • 1945
    Lloyd Kaufman, American film director and producer
  • 1955
    Dindo Yogo, Congolese musician (d. 2000)
  • 1969
    Jay Kay, English musician (Jamiroquai)
  • 1976
    Ashley Callie, South African actress (d. 2008)
  • 1978
    Rob Scuderi, American ice hockey player
  • 1983
    Davide Mandorlini, Italian footballer
  • 1985
    Lars Boom, Dutch cyclist

Who died on December 30?

  • 1460
    Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, claimant to the English throne (killed in battle) (b. 1411)
  • 1591
    Pope Innocent IX (b. 1519)
  • 1621
    Saint Job of Maniava, Ukrainian Orthodox Saint (b. 1550)
  • 1662
    Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Austria (b. 1628)
  • 1981
    Alfie Anido, Filipino actor (b. 1959)
  • 1984
    Massa, oldest gorilla on record (b. 1930)
  • 1989
    Lenore Lemmon, wife of George Reeves (b. 1923)
  • 1994
    Dmitri Ivanenko, Russian physicist (b. 1904)
  • 2009
    Abdurrahman Wahid, 4th President of Indonesia (b. 1940)
  • 2010
    Bobby Farrell, Aruban singer (Boney M) (b. 1949)

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