What are the important events that happened on November 23? Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day.

November 23: Facts & Myths About This Day

November 23 is the 328th day of the year 2016 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 38 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Wednesday.

Under the Julian calendar, this day is November 10, 2016 – a Wednesday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

When this day started, 1,479,859,200 seconds has elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970 – the Unix epoch.

Strange as it may, if we name this day after a polygon then it will be called ‘trihectaicosaoctagon’ day.

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Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Topaz is the modern birthstone for this month. Pearl is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, there are 66 days remaining before the start of the next Chinese New Year.

The ancient Maya civilization believes that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012. There are now 1,433 days since this fabled cataclysmic event.

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November 23 Historical Events

  • 1510
    First campaign of Ottoman Empire against Kingdom of Imereti (modern western Georgia). Ottoman armies sack its capital Kutaisi and burn Gelati Monastery.
  • 1531
    The Second war of Kappel results in the dissolution of the Protestant alliance in Switzerland.
  • 1808
    French and Poles defeat the Spanish at battle of Tudela
  • 1890
    King William III of the Netherlands dies without a male heir and a special law is passed to allow his daughter Princess Wilhelmina to become his heir.
  • 1940
    World War II: Romania becomes a signatory of the Tripartite Pact, officially joining the Axis Powers.
  • 1959
    General Charles de Gaulle, President of France, declares in a speech in Strasbourg his vision for a “Europe, ”from the Atlantic to the Urals.\"
  • 1981
    Iran-Contra Affair: Ronald Reagan signs the top secret National Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD-17), giving the Central Intelligence Agency the authority to recruit and support Contra rebels in Nicaragua.
  • 1993
    Rachel Whiteread wins both the £20,000 Turner Prize award for best British modern artist and the £40,000 K Foundation art award for the worst artist of the year.
  • 2004
    The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, the largest religious building in Georgia, is consecrated.
  • 2011
    Arab Spring: After 11 months of protests in Yemen, The Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh Signs a deal to transfer power to the vice president, in exchange for legal immunity.

Who were born on November 23?

  • 1221
    King Alfonso X of Castile (d. 1284)
  • 1935
    Vladislav Volkov, Soviet cosmonaut (d. 1971)
  • 1945
    Steve Landesberg, American actor and comedian (d. 2010)
  • 1949
    Jerry verDorn, American actor
  • 1953
    Rick Bayless, American chef and restaurateur
  • 1966
    Jerry Kelly, American professional golfer
  • 1974
    Jamie Sharper, American football player
  • 1976
    Kohei Suwama, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1976
    Murat Salar, Turkish footballer
  • 1980
    David Britz, American nano-technologist

Who died on November 23?

  • 1572
    Agnolo di Cosimo, Italian artist and poet (b. 1503)
  • 1769
    Greek prince Constantine Mavrocordatos of Wallachia and Moldavia (b. 1711)
  • 1973
    Sessue Hayakawa, Japanese actor (b. 1889)
  • 1982
    Grady Nutt, American humorist (b. 1934)
  • 2002
    Roberto Matta, Chilean painter (b. 1911)
  • 2006
    Jesus Blancornelas, Mexican journalist (b. 1936)
  • 2006
    Nick Clarke, English radio presenter (b. 1948)
  • 2006
    Philippe Noiret, French actor (b. 1930)
  • 2007
    Pat Walsh, New Zealand rugby union footballer (b. 1936)
  • 2010
    Joyce Howard, British film actress (b. 1922)

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