What happened this day in history February 25

What are the important events that happened on February 25? Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day.

February 25: Facts & Myths About This Day

February 25 is the 56th day of the year 2024 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 310 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Sunday.

Under the Julian calendar, this day is February 12, 2024 – a Sunday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

When this day started, 474,672 hours has elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970 – the Unix epoch.

Strange as it may, if we name this day after a polygon then it will be called ‘pentacontahexagon’ day.

Pisces is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Amethyst is the modern birthstone for this month. Bloodstone is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, there are 339 days remaining before the start of the next Chinese New Year.

The ancient Maya civilization believes that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012. There are now 4,083 days since this fabled cataclysmic event.

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February 25 Historical Events

  • 138
    The Emperor Hadrian adopts Antoninus Pius, effectively making him his successor.
  • 1570
    Pope Pius V excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • 1836
    Samuel Colt is granted a United States patent for the Colt revolver.
  • 1866
    Miners in Calaveras County, California, discover what is now called the Calaveras Skull, human remains that supposedly indicated that man, mastodons, and elephants had co-existed.
  • 1919
    Oregon places a 1 cent per U.S. gallon tax on gasoline, becoming the first U.S. state to levy a gasoline tax.
  • 1954
    Gamal Abdul Nasser is made premier of Egypt.
  • 1968
    Vietnam War: 135 unarmed citizens of Ha My village in South Vietnam’s Quảng Nam Province are killed and buried en masse by South Korean troops in what would come to be known as the Ha My massacre.
  • 1986
    People Power Revolution: President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos flees the nation after 20 years of rule; Corazon Aquino becomes the Philippines’ first woman president.
  • 1992
    Khojaly massacre: about 613 civilians are killed by Armenian armed forces during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan
  • 1994
    Mosque of Abraham massacre: In the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron, Baruch Goldstein opens fire with an automatic rifle, killing 29 Palestinian worshippers and injuring 125 more before being subdued and beaten to death by survivors.

Who were born on February 25?

  • 1861
    Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and educator (d. 1925)
  • 1917
    Anthony Burgess, English author (d. 1993)
  • 1937
    Barbara Piasecka Johnson, widow of John Seward Johnson I
  • 1950
    Emitt Rhodes, American singer/songwriter
  • 1965
    Veronica Webb, American supermodel and actress
  • 1977
    Sarah Jezebel Deva, English singer
  • 1980
    Antonio Burks, American basketball player
  • 1982
    Bert McCracken, American singer (The Used)
  • 1991
    Tony Oller, American actor
  • 1994
    Eugénie Bouchard, Canadian tennis player

Who died on February 25?

  • 1643
    Marco da Gagliano, Italian composer (b. 1582)
  • 1655
    Daniel Heinsius, Flemish scholar (b. 1580)
  • 1852
    Thomas Moore, Irish poet (b. 1779)
  • 1912
    Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (b. 1852)
  • 1919
    Josef Christiaens, Belgian racing driver (b. 1879)
  • 1964
    Kenneth Lee Spencer, American opera singer and actor (b. 1913)
  • 1978
    Daniel “Chappie” James Jr., American general (b. 1920)
  • 1994
    Jersey Joe Walcott, American boxer (b. 1914)
  • 2004
    Donald Hings, Canadian inventor (b. 1907)
  • 2006
    Thomas Koppel, Danish musician (b. 1944)

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