What are the important events that happened on July 13? Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day.

July 13: Facts & Myths About This Day

July 13 is the 194th day of the year 2019 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 171 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Saturday.

Under the Julian calendar, this day is June 30, 2019 – a Saturday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

When this day started, 434,160 hours has elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970 – the Unix epoch.

Strange as it may, if we name this day after a polygon then it will be called ‘hectaenneacontatetragon’ day.

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Cancer is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Ruby is the modern birthstone for this month. Ruby is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, there are 196 days remaining before the start of the next Chinese New Year.

The ancient Maya civilization believes that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012. There are now 2,395 days since this fabled cataclysmic event.

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July 13 Historical Events

  • 1174
    William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173–1174, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England.
  • 1573
    Eighty Years’ War: the Siege of Haarlem ends after seven months.
  • 1793
    Journalist and French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat is assassinated in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday, a member of the opposing political faction.
  • 1830
    The General Assembly’s Institution, now the Scottish Church College, one of the pioneering institutions that ushered the Bengal Renaissance, is founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta, India.
  • 1878
    Treaty of Berlin: the European powers redraw the map of the Balkans. Serbia, Montenegro and Romania become completely independent of the Ottoman empire.
  • 1905
    The verdict in the six-month long Smarthavicharam trial of Kuriyedath Thathri is pronounced, leading to the excommunication of 65 men of various castes.
  • 1919
    The British airship R34 lands in Norfolk, England, completing the first airship return journey across the Atlantic in 182 hours of flight.
  • 1962
    In an unprecedented action, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan dismisses seven members of his Cabinet, marking the effective end of the National Liberals as a distinct force within British politics.
  • 1973
    Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of the “Nixon tapes” to the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break in.
  • 1977
    New York City, amidst a period of financial and social turmoil experiences a blackout lasting nearly 24 hours that leads to widespread fires and looting.

Who were born on July 13?

  • 1579
    Arthur Dee, English physician (d. 1651)
  • 1900
    George Lewis, American jazz clarinetist (d. 1969)
  • 1928
    Bob Crane, American actor (d. 1978)
  • 1942
    Roger McGuinn, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Byrds)
  • 1961
    Stelios Manolas, Greek footballer and manager
  • 1966
    Gil Birmingham, American actor
  • 1974
    Jarno Trulli, Italian race car driver
  • 1977
    Ashley Scott, American actress
  • 1994
    Hayley Erin, American actress
  • 1994
    Ridge Canipe, American actor

Who died on July 13?

  • 939
    Pope Leo VII (birth year unknown)
  • 1357
    Bartolus de Saxoferrato Italian jurist (b. 1313)
  • 1628
    Robert Shirley, English adventurer (b. 1581)
  • 1645
    Tsar Michael of Russia (b. 1596)
  • 1762
    James Bradley, English Astronomer Royal (b. 1693)
  • 1807
    Henry Benedict Stuart, Italy-born Jacobite claimant to the throne of England (b. 1725)
  • 1960
    Joy Gresham, American writer (b. 1915)
  • 1993
    Davey Allison, American race car driver (b. 1961)
  • 1997
    Miguel Ángel Blanco, Spanish politician (b. 1968)
  • 2008
    Bronisław Geremek, Polish social historian and politician (b. 1932)

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